Colombia, Juliana Guevara GESHA (125g)

Colombia, Juliana Guevara GESHA (125g)

11.50 EUR

Following on from her Honey Gesha, we now release Juliana’s washed Gesha! The cherries are again fermented in tank for 24hrs, pulping is then done dry - where as usually some water is used during this process, here Juliana decides she wants to keep as much mucilage as possible on the beans to enhance the fruit’s natural sweetness. After a 60hr 2nd fermentation the beans are washed and sun dried in Marquesinas. The final cup is so complex, with new flavours emerging in every sip we ran out of space to list them all.


ProducerLa Terraza
NotesApricot, lavender, raspberry, dark rum

White Label

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