El Salvador, El Cocal GESHA (125g)

El Salvador, El Cocal GESHA (125g)

11.50 EUR

For this natural anaerobic process whole ripe Gesha cherries are is placed in an airtight container where they ferment anaerobically for 168 hours. In this oxygenless environment microbial activity takes place creating some pleasantly unexpected flavours. Following the fermentation, the whole cherries are dried on raised beds turning regularly to ensure even drying. It takes an average of 28 to 30 days for the cherries to dry. Super juicy & complex, expect lots of tropical fruit flavours and a silky body.


RegionApaneca Ilamatepec
ProducerAlfaro family, Agricola San Agustin
ProcessNatural - Anaerobic
NotesStrawberry, mango, cacao nibs

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