Colombia, Decaf

Colombia, Decaf

10.00 EUR

San Lorenzo are indigenous inhabitants of 1,150 small holdings in Riosucio, they believe in Pachamama; the land is a living being & the environmental impact from producing coffee should be respectful. For this decaf the process is as natural as possible, they moisten the beans with hot water to swell & release the caffeine. Then wash them with ethyl acetate made by fermenting molasses from sugar cane & mixing it with natural acid, dissolving the caffeine. The coffee is then washed, dried, cooled & polished with carnauba waxed for stability.


ProducerCommunal small holders
ProcessWashed - Sugar Cane Decaf
VarietyCastillo / Colombia / Caturra
NotesChocolate, clementine, tamarind


To discover these flavour profiles we recommend to use soft mineral water with a low HCO3 (bicarbonate) & aim for total hardness of less than 140 mg/l. If you would like your coffee ground please use the contact form stating your order number and chosen brewing method.