Peru, San Pedro DISCOUNT! roasted:10/03

Peru, San Pedro DISCOUNT! roasted:10/03

9.00 EUR

Carbonic maceration is a term lifted from the wine industry where whole grapes are fermented. The main thing that differs from anaerobic is that in carbonic maceration the cherry is not pulped and is left in tact like a natural. The cherries are placed in a seal tank for 15 hrs & closely monitored so that the PH level does not go lower than 3.8 & the temperature does not exceed 23 degrees.

Grab the last few bags of this great coffee roasted 10/3 so perfect to drink straight away!


Region Cajamarca
ProducerSegundo Firmin Cordova
Process Carbonic maceration
Variety Caturra / Catuai / Colombia
NotesStrawberry, pineapple, banana