WHITE LABEL Colombia, Yenni Esperanza

WHITE LABEL Colombia, Yenni Esperanza

19.50 EUR

Yenni, together with her brother Diego, have created new innovative processing methods in order to produce outstanding cup profiles. For this Castillo they begin with an anaerobic whole cherry fermentation for 48hrs, followed by depulping and a further 48hr anaerobic fermentation in its mucilage. The coffee is then washed by thermal shock at 40° & 12° and machine dried for 34hrs at 35°. This is a mind blowing coffee, with a truly unique profile, that pushes the boundaries of coffee processing. So what do you think!?


ProducerFinca El Paraiso - Yenni Esperanza
ProcessWashed - Anaerobic
NotesRaspberry, passion fruit, hibiscus

White Label

Working together with some of the most progressive farmers White Label is a showcase of exceptional taste profiles, experimental processing methods & rare varietals. To discover these flavour profiles we recommend to use soft mineral water with a low HCO3 (bicarbonate) & aim for total hardness of less than 140 mg/l.