Brazil, D'Barbosa

Brazil, D'Barbosa

10.00 EUR

The tradition of coffee production has been in the Barbosa family since the 12th century. Danilo’s great-grandparents passed it on to his grandparents and from him to his father. Danilo now works together with his two sons and has added a nature reserve to the plantation to learn more on how to preserve the environment & produce 100% sustainable coffee. This 86 scoring Brazil can also be found in our Rich Kid blend, during QC we decided it deserved a place amongst our single origins!


RegionMinas Gerais
ProducerDanilo Barbosa
VarietyRed Catuaí
NotesStrawberry, almond, milk chocolate


To discover these flavour profiles we recommend to use soft mineral water with a low HCO3 (bicarbonate) & aim for total hardness of less than 140 mg/l.