Colombia, Cata, Washed

Colombia, Cata, Washed

16.00 EUR

For years, Catalina and Pierre from CATA have been working to promote and market small producers from Colombia who otherwise have limited access to resources. MOK and CATA met at the London Coffee Festival five years ago and that makes the release of this coffee extra special. Cata has been responsible for 80% of our Colombian coffee supply since then! They co-produced this coffee, whilst exercising an advisory role towards the other producers who participated in this lot (e.g. soil and water treatment, fermentation...). The key for this Caturra is replicability. Once the cherries are fully ripe, they are manually collected, pulped and laid to rest for one day. Then the beans are put in plastic tanks without oxygen to ferment for three days, after which they're washed with as little water as possible. Finally, the beans are sun-dried for about five to ten days, depending on the weather, and raked frequently to ensure an even drying process. After blind cupping this lot we were very surprised to see that this lot is a Caturra as it has a very delicate and almost Geisha-like character. 




NotesDelicate mouthfeel with clear notes of almond, green apple, orange and a bright acidity.



To discover these flavour profiles we recommend to use soft mineral water with a low HCO3 (bicarbonate) & aim for total hardness of less than 140 mg/l.