Colombia, Diego Bermudez, Castillo Rosate (ESPRESSO ROAST)

Colombia, Diego Bermudez, Castillo Rosate (ESPRESSO ROAST)

25.00 EUR

We are always delighted to unveil an exceptionally unique coffee crafted by none other than Diego Bermudez, the visionary behind Finca El Paraiso. For those who had the pleasure of meeting Diego during last years event, his expertise in innovative coffee processing techniques is already familiar. 

Step 1: The initial phase of this profile begins with the precise harvesting of coffee cherries, carefully selected when they reach an optimal level of maturity.

Step 2: Following this, the coffee cherries undergo ozone disinfection before being transferred to the cherry fermentation tank. Within this tank, an anaerobic fermentation process is executed, submerging the cherries in water for a duration of 36 hours.

Step 3: The subsequent step involves the pulping and demucilagination of the coffee. The mucilage and pulp are then transported to the pilot plant for the creation of specific microorganisms crucial to the process. These microorganisms generate a culture medium that houses the precursors of aromas and flavors, integral to the fermentation process. The resulting culture medium is introduced into the fermentation tanks for a 20-hour period, during which the precursors bind to the coffee beans through pressure. Following this, a thermal shock washing process is undertaken, ensuring a more substantial fixation of precursors and preparing the coffee for effective drying.

Step 4: The fourth step encompasses drying the coffee using a dehumidifier, eliminating excess moisture while preserving the coffee's delicate characteristics and preventing over-oxidation of the beans. This process also curbs metabolic processes to prevent over-fermentation.

Step 5: The final stage involves stabilizing the coffee and storing it in a cool environment, securing its quality and flavors for the long term.


ProducerDiego Bermudez
ProcessSemi-Washed Anaerobic
VarietyCastillo Rosate
NotesDiego's signature profile, intense candylike sweetness with dominant notes of raspberry, cherry and papaya.


To discover these flavour profiles we recommend to use soft mineral water with a low HCO3 (bicarbonate) & aim for total hardness of less than 140 mg/l.