Rwanda, Gitega

Rwanda, Gitega

12.50 EUR

Bernard Uwitije, a native of the area had been trading non washed coffee up until 2015 when he realised the potential for fully washed and specialty grade coffees. He equipped his washing station with a depulping machine, fermentation tanks and raised drying beds. These investments along with strong oversight, a mix of great terroirs (including some volcanic) has resulted in very high quality coffee in his first full year in operation. This is a complex cup with sparkling rhubarb acidity & a lovely sweet finish.


ProducerGitega Hills, Southern Province
VarietyRed Bourbon
NotesMandarin, rhubarb, agave


To discover these flavour profiles we recommend to use soft mineral water with a low HCO3 (bicarbonate) & aim for total hardness of less than 140 mg/l.