Sibarist Espresso Soft Filter

Sibarist Espresso Soft Filter

14.00 EUR

ESPRESSO filters are a range of filters designed to make filtered coffee in espresso machines, improving the extraction consistency and puck yield with greater cup clarity, achieving better cups.

The SOFT grade is an espresso filter that uses the FAST Specialty Coffee Filter. It provides soft filtration on the espresso shots for a cleaner cup with a light impact on the espresso machine settings and puck conditions.

Due to the different designs of espresso machine and baskets manufacturers, the SIBARIST ESPRESSO filter diameters do not correspond to your portafilter diameter. Instead, they correspond to the inner bottom basket diameter, so please size your inner basket diameter to choose the filter size. The filter diameter needs to fit on the inside bottom basket diameter, so measure your inner basket diameter to choose your filter size.

MOK offers 55mm diameter SOFT espresso filters.