Aquaphor A5 Provence Filter Jug + 2 Replacement Filters

Aquaphor A5 Provence Filter Jug + 2 Replacement Filters

36.99 EUR

We cannot emphasise enough how important it is to use good water when brewing coffee. In summary, using good water for brewing coffee is important because it enhances flavour extraction, balances mineral content, maintains cleanliness and freshness, promotes consistency, and extends the lifespan of coffee brewing equipment. All these factors contribute to a superior coffee experience with a well-rounded flavour, aroma, and consistency.

The Jug

Seamless glass-looking filter jug is full of space for safe, clean, and odorless water. The exclusive blown design is timeless and fits any kitchen, whether the interior is modern or classic.

Provence withstands everyday usage retaining its shiny look thanks to the modern and durable material — Tritan™ copolyester. The durability feature is especially meaningful for families with small children.

Provence is equipped with one replacement filter, an easy-fill flip-top lid and a filter life counter. The filter cartridge AQUAPHOR A5 irreversibly traps contaminants, is highly efficient against heavy metals in drinking water and combines various filtration methods. More filtration media and a pre-filter on top, give A5 a longer lifespan in turbid water. 

Longer lifespan of 350 L

More filtration media, combined with a pre-filter on top of the cartridge, give A5 a longer lifespan in turbid water. Cap is a pre-filter for rust, silt, and sand, which prevents clogging of the main sorbtion block.

Extra-fine activated coconut carbon, ion-exchange resin, and AQUALEN™ remove chlorine, organic compounds, pesticides, phenols, heavy metals, and other harmful substances. AQUALEN™ is the patented ion-exchange fiber sorbent, that irreversibly binds all heavy metals, including lead, copper, mercury, cadmium, arsenic.

Water Filter Life 350L

Filter Jug Capacity