Sibarist B3 Hybrid

Sibarist B3 Hybrid

14.60 EUR

The B3 HYBRID is a completely unique and innovative filter designed by Sibarist for conical drippers that gives a hybrid between flat bottoms and cone brewing, made with the B3 filter paper technology.

The hybrid shape encourages flow through the dripper by providing a faster and higher extraction, reducing the clogging that might appear on high filtration materials and avoiding the concentration of fines in one point. Also its B3 paper’s porosity allows clarity of flavor, and the rigidity of its structure minimize the contact points with the dripper creating even balanced cups.

The new B3 Technology has been developed together with Matt Winton (2021 World Brewers Cup Champion) during a whole year prototyping and testing.


The filter adapts to conical commercial V60’s.
The HYBRID M is suitable for medium V60 filter holders (02).